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May 26, 2024

Disney Parks Experiments with Reopening in a Pandemic


  • Asia Disney Parks reopen
  • Specific adjustments made by Tokyo’s Disney Parks
  • Disney Parks that are opening around the world
  • California Disney Parks to remain closed

 Asia Disney Parks reopen

After a 4-month closure due to health concerns regarding the coronavirus pandemics, many of Asia’s Disney parks have begun to reopen. Shanghai and Hong Kong Disneyland were the earliest of the parks to reopen followed by Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea. All of these parks have announced specific health guidelines and introduced new restrictions in order to minimize the spread of the coronavirus.

Specific adjustments made by Tokyo’s Disney Parks

Some of the more important guidelines for Tokyo’s Disney parks require ticket booking, mandatory temperature checks, and social distancing implementations on all attractions. Compared to operations before the global pandemic, employees dressed as Mickey and Minnie mouse will make appearances on floats for parades but they will no longer physically interact and take pictures with visitors. Regarding indoor facilities, there will be increased ventilation and more frequent disinfections on rides and equipment. It is also required for visitors to wear masks and sanitize their hands while in the park.

Thomas Smith, editorial content director of Disney Parks, wrote in a blog post, “The health and safety of guests and cast members is a top priority.” He also added, “Tokyo Disney Resort is taking deliberate steps which include implementing new and enhanced health and safety measures in alignment with the guidance of local government.”

Tokyo currently has risen to 1,597 new daily cases. According to Google, Tokyo has 15,107 confirmed cases, and 333 deaths.

Disney Parks that are opening around the world

Many of Disney’s parks in the western world like Paris and Florida have begun phased reopenings as well with similar safety precautions. The reopening of Walt Disney World in Florida was initially resisted by Disney employees over concerns of the state being a growing hotspot for the coronavirus and the spikes in cases in the state. The petition to resist Walt Disney World’s reopening received 7000 signatures.

Today, Florida has reported 7,686 new confirmed cases raising the states total to 518,000 according to the Miami Herald and Google. The state currently has a total of 7,296 confirmed deaths.

California Disney Parks to remain closed

However, Disney’s Disneyland and Disney California Adventure remain closed despite plans for a phased reopening on July 17. This is due to California government officials refusing to release reopening protocols most likely due to the recent spike in cases in the golden state. Thus, the parks’ reopenings in California have been postponed indefinitely.

A Disney representative said in a statement, “Given the time required for us to bring thousands of cast members back to work and restart our business, we have no choice but to delay the reopening of our theme parks and resort hotels until we receive approval from government officials.”

As of today, Google reports 5,295 new daily cases, 548,000 confirmed cases, and 10,194 deaths in California.

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