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May 21, 2024

Sovereign Flavors the latest company relocating to Texas from California

Another company is relocating to Texas from California, this time Sovereign Flavors. The company, which produces beverages with custom flavors, is leaving higher-taxed Orange County behind, relocating to the fastest growing county in America, and lower-taxed Hays County.

Its new 80,000-square foot headquarters in Kyle, Texas, will house its manufacturing, quality assurance, and research and development departments.

Located in the San Antonio-Austin corridor, Hays County, is part of the “gateway to the Hill Country” region. It became the fastest growing county in America in 2020, having grown in population by 53% from 2010 to 2020, according to 2020 U.S. census data. In addition to people moving there, it’s a hot spot for tourists, day-trippers and weekenders from Austin, San Antonio and Houston who travel to visit the historic sites, state parks, wineries, olive groves, spas and retreats there.

“We are thrilled to relocate to the great State of Texas,” David Ames, president of Sovereign Flavors, said. “Texas provides a remarkable environment for our business and our Sovereign family as we cultivate talented individuals who work with pride, purpose, and talent. Sovereign Flavors is honored to join Texas’ strong business climate and continue providing the highest quality food and beverage flavors in the industry.”

Its current headquarters is in the heart of Orange County, minutes from the John Wayne Airport.

“Sovereign Flavors’ relocation to the Lone Star State is great news for the people of Central Texas,” Gov. Greg Abbott said. “More and more innovative businesses like Sovereign are moving to Texas because of our world-class business climate, diverse workforce, and endless avenues of opportunity for all Texans to succeed.”

The company uses natural, organic and non-GMO ingredients from a library of over 4,000 flavors. Its Facebook page explains the history of some flavors and drinks as well as information about the benefits of herbal infusion.

“You may have noticed that your favorite sparkling essence water, soda, energy drink or cocktail mixer has ‘natural flavor’ or ‘natural and artificial flavor’ or even ‘organic flavor’ listed on the ingredient declaration,” Sovereign Flavors states on its website. “Flavors are made up of aromatic chemical compounds and they are added to food and beverage for various reasons. The primary purpose is to introduce a new flavor that is not already present, or to improve the overall flavor in a formulation. Adding flavor can also boost a particular flavor that was diminished in the processing and manufacturing of the finished product. In short, flavor enhances the consumer’s tasting experience and provides consistency from batch to batch.”

Sovereign Flavors creates custom flavor formulas for clients interested in creating beverages, dairy, nutritional bars, herbal supplements and sports drinks. Creating flavors is “more cost effective than using fruit juices, purees or fruit” the company said. It has created products that are sold through various retailers including Costco Wholesale, Target, Kroger, Publix, Safeway, Wegmans and 7-Eleven.

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