October 23, 2021

Plans advancing for new state-funded treatment center in Baltimore

A new state-of-the-art drug treatment facility in Baltimore is taking one step closer to become reality, the governor announced.

Gov. Larry Hogan announced in a news release the Baltimore Therapeutic Treatment Center, which will be located at the former Baltimore City Pretrial Complex, is now accepting proposals for the planning, design and construction phases on the 17-acre site in the 400 block of East Eager Street.

“With the completion of demolition earlier this year, our administration is excited to begin a new chapter in the planning and design phases of this transformative facility,” Hogan said in the release. “With this step, we are advancing the process of building a state-of-the-art therapeutic treatment center that will help and provide hope to those struggling with addiction.”

The state’s Department of General Services is assisting the Office of Design, Construction, and Energy in the project, according to the release.

The project, according to the release, is among the Hogan administration’s biggest capital projects and will take a decade to complete at a price tag of more than $450 million. Upon completion, the facility will provide mental health and substance abuse treatment services, while offering care to nonviolent offenders entering the criminal justice system.

The former site of the Baltimore City Detention Center is where the new construction will take place, according to the release. The detention center was shuttered in July 2015 due to “unsafe conditions,” and in August 2021 the demolition of the site was finalized.

The Department of General Services is “optimistic for the future” of the city and the state.

“Under Governor Hogan’s leadership, the Baltimore City Detention Center was closed, torn down, and today his leadership influences a new phase for the design and construction of an all-purpose treatment facility that will help countless individuals break the cycle of addiction,” said Ellington E. Churchill Jr., secretary of the Department of General Services.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the state recorded a 16.6% increase in unintentional intoxication deaths, the state’s Vital Statistics Administration said. There were 2,773 deaths recorded in 2020 from drugs and alcohol.

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